Members & Projects


Dorothea Nolde, Professor for Early Modern History
From Cultural to National Conflict:
Conflict Management in Early Modern Diplomacy, ca. 1550-1815


Julia Gebke, University Assistant (post doc)
Chess(wo)men’s Agency? Habsburg Princesses and their Networks


Stephan F. Mai, University Assistant (prae doc)
Biographical Experience and the Formation of Diplomatic Theory:
The Example of Abraham de Wicquefort (1606-1682)

Lars-Dieter Leisner, PhD Student, Scholarship Holder 
The Married Couple as a Working Couple in Early Modern Diplomacy.
Gender Roles between Court Society and State Affairs


Christof Muigg, PhD Student
Two Sides of the Same Coin: Military and Diplomatic Practice in the Early Modern Habsburg Monarchy

Associate Member


Birgit Tremml-Werner, Post-doc Researcher, HERA Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Negotiating hybrid friendship –
Early modern Spanish diplomatic exchange with South East Asian rulers