In which way does the University of Vienna embrace diversity?

The University of Vienna is one of the first German speaking universities to have integrated Diversity Management into its strategic development plan and strives to perceive, acknowledge and promote diversity. According to the development plan of the University of Vienna,

"Universities live from the ideas that are created through the diversity of its associates, its students and employees. Diverse backgrounds bring forth ideas, which are the basis of scientific innovation and of the development of the university as a whole. Additionally, different backgrounds also bring forth comprehensive teaching and learning methods, which should be utilised by the education institution of the university" (University of Vienna 2010 – Strategic Development Plan of the University of Vienna; p. 93)

When implementing “Diversity Management“ as a university-wide strategy including faculties and centres, the University of Vienna is challenged not only as an employer but as an institution of higher education.
Measures aimed at diversity management may be based on existing initiatives and institutions. Further networking and an expansion of these processes is envisaged. All measures and processes are designed to support special needs and at the same time offer an opportunity to counteract disadvantages.

The launch of the “diversity management” Internet platform constitutes a first step towards realising the objectives as defined in the strategic development plan of the University of Vienna. This platform provides a forum for already implemented initiatives and established institutions, current projects as well as new initiatives launched by the University of Vienna. Moreover, it should initiate and promote and encourage an open exchange of ideas and thoughts between individuals and institutions. Last but not least, members of the University and interested visitors shall be exposed to the manifold opportunities and challenges which emerge from “diversity“.
The concept of ”diversity management“ shall be further developed at the University of Vienna in the future.

Link to the strategic development plan of the University of Vienna:
http://www.univie.ac.at/rektorenteam/ug2002/entwicklungsplan.html (German Version)
http://public.univie.ac.at/fileadmin/user_upload/public/pdf/Developmentplan_2006.pdf (English Version)

Link to "Diversity Management" as defined in the strategic development plan of the University of Vienna:

A comprehensive collection of links and further information on diversity related contact points and initiatives is available at "Diversity:Networking".

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