What is "Diversity Management?"?

"Diversity Management" is a strategy to promote the perception, acknowledgement and implementation of diversity in organisations and institutions.
At the University of Vienna, diversity management is based on the idea that diversity opens up alternative ways of perceiving, thinking and acting and thus enriches the life of the academic community.

Human beings differ in age, social and national background, gender, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability as well as religious belief and worldview. (for further differentiations see "Layers of Diversity") Diversity is a source of creativity and innovation that can provide the potential for future development and competitive advantage. Diversity and its potential is essential for the University as it satisfies the mandate of an institution of higher education to offer a broad range of teaching and learning opportunities to students and staff alike.

Ensuring that diversity is made visible and fruitful remains a central concern of diversity management. In doing so, individual and structural representation of perception and appreciation may be reflected upon. This means that social, institutional as well as personal views and expectations are questioned:
How do we provide for and/or perceive physically disabled people? How does our society treat homosexual, bisexual and transsexual people? Do women have equal career opportunities at the University of Vienna?
Although schemata of perception and assessment make us feel secure by providing a structured view of the world, they may also cause discrimination if they remain rigid.
Relying on a negative and rigidly stereotyped view of a person or group of persons may deprive this (group of) person(s) of equal opportunities. It may block their access to resources such as knowledge, money or decision-making power. Diversity management aims at reducing discrimination and promoting equal opportunities.

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