Drug Discovery from Nature The research focus Drug Discovery from Nature, located in the Faculty of Life Sciences aims in offering a stage for communication and interaction of researchers dealing with natural products. Faculty of Life Sciences
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Lecture Series

WS 2016/17
Start: 06.10.2016

Every thursday 17:00 c.t.

SS 2017
Start: 03.03.2016

Every thursday 17:00 c.t.



Our mission

Natural products represent a pool of privileged structures that are optimized by evolution to interact with proteins and other molecules.

Natural products are, therefore, good candidates for the discovery of new pharmaceutical leads. In addition, they may be used as tools to successfully dissect biological systems.

The research focus Drug Discovery from Nature aims not only in offering a discussion forum for natural product researchers but also in providing a platform for the exchange of know-how and techniques.


There are contributors from five Vienna Universities.
The majority of our contributors belong to the Faculty of Life Sciences of the University of Vienna.

Contact & organisation

For any requests or questions please send an email to
Univ.-Prof.Dr. Verena Dirsch

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