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Gdansk University of Technology
Narutowicza St 11/12
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Gdansk University of Technology (GUT) is the oldest and the largest scientific and technological academic institution in Pomerania region (Poland), employing ,500 staff including 1,200 academics. The number of students approximates 20,000, most of them studying full-time. There are 9 faculties covering almost all ields of science and technology. Faculty of Chemistry, partner in the network, is one of them. This Faculty is the largest from all university faculties of chemistry in Poland. We have over 2000 regular students (M.S. courses) and more than 100 Ph.D. students. There are six different curricula for Bachelor (B.S.) followed by twelve curricula leading to M.S. degree. We have also two specializations for Ph.D. students and the third one will start in September 2007. Teaching staff of the Faculty (most of them also involved in research) consists of 128 persons (including 32 professors, and 15 assistant professors). The faculty is also very active in research and hosts two Centers of Excellence (CEEAM and ChemBioFarm). Gdansk University of Technology has already signed 56 bilateral Erasmus agreements (M.S. level) with 156 European universities (including about 50 agreements signed by the Faculty of Chemistry).

Key staff involved:

Maciej Baginski
He received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in chemistry at GUT. He was trained in theoretical chemistry at Warsaw University (Poland), and in medicinal chemistry at Camerino University (Italy). He held a Fulbright Fellow position (postdoc) at University of California at San Diego (USA). He runs courses of informatics and diploma seminars in medicinal chemistry/drug biotechnology at Biotechnology (GUT). He also supervises M.Sc. and Ph.D. students in computational chemistry and molecular modelling. He is/was involved in 6 domestic and international scientific grants. Moreover, he is involved in activity of Local Contact Point of EC Framework Programmes. He participated in preparation of seven proposals within 5 and 6FP.

Andrzej Skladanowski
He received his PhD in 1994 in chemistry at GUT. He is now Associate Professor at the Faculty of Chemistry of GUT and runs three courses in Cell Biology, Environmental Biotechnology and Anticancer and Antiviral Chemotherapeutics. He supervises Master and PhD students in Medical Biology and Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology. He was involved in many domestic and international grants. He participated in the development of curricular for Biotechnology for M.Sc. courses.

Slawomir Milewski
He received his PhD in Chemistry at GUT in 1985 and DSc in Biochemistry in 1994. He was The Royal Society of London Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Aberdeen, UK (1993-1994). In the 2002-2005 period he hold a position of the Dean of the Chemical Faculty at GUT and at that time was involved in the development of new curricula for the MSc courses in Biotechnology, Chemical Technology and Environmental Protection. Now he is a Professor at the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology & Biochemistry and the Coordinator of the National Center of Excellence in Chemistry and Biotechnology of Pharmaceuticals at GUT. He was involved in many domestic and international research projects. Prof. Milewski supervised 9 PhD students. He runs courses in Enzymology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Environmental Biotechnology.

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