Contributions 2000

These pages are a forum for users of maths online. We publish feedback messages and questionnaires, as far as they are of general interest. A few German contributions have been translated into English. (The originals may be found in the forum of the German version mathe online, along with a number of more contributions).

You can send us a message by E-mail or web page form, or use the questionnaire.

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  Jean LeBlanc     much needed in the USA    October 4, 2000
  Abdalla Abu Sharkh     the best    August 19, 2000
  Luis Breda     If I knew about Maths Online before...    July 1, 2000
  Jean Henderson     maths online for Scottish Further Education Unit    May 31, 2000
  John Waller     fantastic! Wow!    April 29, 2000
  Cathy Deaubl     very good resource    April 21, 2000
  Stephen Hegedus     maths online for    April 8, 2000
  Eliseo Cantellano     mexican students    Fabruary 23, 2000
  Eliseo Cantellano     spanish version?    Fabruary 21, 2000
  Ryan Harris     function plotter for Learning Channel Campus    January 31, 2000
  Ryan Harris     excellent    January 26, 2000     never seen anything like your applets    January 12, 2000
  Dana Hrdinova     maths online for Slovakia    January 12, 2000

Contributions 2001               Contributions 1998 - 1999

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