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Ivan De Winne, teacher in Belgium
Message to maths online, March 5, 2001


I would like to ask you to let me know how to get your permission for using your products published via Internet. I am a teacher of mathematics in the dutch speaking part of Belgium.

On my portal site I present some computer algebra systems Mathcad, Derive, Scientific Notebook and geometry software Cabri geometry. You can find 500 links to Math sites and also CabriJava applets.

One of my favorate sites is Maths Online.I am using your applets in my math's lessons. Not everybody in our country speaks English or German well. I would like to translate some pages of your site in dutch. Do I have the permission to put it on a CD-rom? I would not use it for commercial purposes.

I can offer you some webspace to mirror your site (copyleft) in Belgium. Is this possible ? I could translate some pages to dutch.

Yours faithfully

Met vriendelijke groeten

Ivan De Winne

Bosveldstraat 7
9230 Massemen

Meanwhile we have started a cooperation, offerring a Belgium Mirror version of maths online at

Alternatively, start from or
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