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Ayse Sahin, DePaul University, Chicago
Answers to the questionnaire, May 18, 2001

In which situation did you use maths online? (School, home,... as pupil, teacher,...)
I use it for class-room demonstrations this quarter for a first quarter Calculus class. I also have links to it from my home page for the students to play with at their convenience.

Can - according to your opinion - maths online contribute to a better understanding of mathematics?
Definitely - I like all your applets that I have tried. They give excellent geometric intuition and address the core of the issue.

What did you like very much?
The derivative puzzles, the trigonometric graph applets. Actually everything I linked to.

What did you like less?

Do you have suggestions for modification or completion?
Not at the moment. I will contact you if something comes to mind.

Did everything work well in technical respect?
Yes, excellent.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
Great job! Is it okay that I have linked to you from my home page? There is some conversation about linking to you from the department page also under something like "web resources". Is this okay?

Ayse Sahin
DePaul University
Chicago, IL
Your links are under the Math 150 links.

Please feel free to link to our page!

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