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Orane Chambers, Student in St. James, Jamaica
Answers to the questionnaire, September 19, 2001

In which situation did you use maths online? (School, home,... as pupil, teacher,...)
I use Maths online as a high school student.

Can - according to your opinion - maths online contribute to a better understanding of mathematics?
Yes, I beleive that this programme has the potential to enble me to have a better grasp of the subject.

What did you like very much?
I liked the multiple choice questions in the topic "Properties of functions".

What did you like less?
I can't say until I have tried everything.

Do you have suggestions for modification or completion?
None. Everything seems to be perfect.

Did everything work well in technical respect?
Yes. I think this is perhaps the only website were my computer doesn't crash.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
How can a student such as myself unblock four years of hatred for Math, so that I can pass it when I do my external exams next year?

Orane Chambers
Lot 654 Catherine Hall,
CO Box 522 Montego Bay,
St. James,
West Indies.

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