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Raffi Avakian, Universidade federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Message to maths online, September 26, 2001

I am a Mathematics Professor at Universidade federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro. I just downloaded Mathonline on my computer. I had already used some of the Calculus applets. Most of them are just great. Thanks, thanks a lot for putting all these material on the internet and for allowing to just download everything on one single file.
Please try to translate into English as much as you can. Do you intend to add stuff in Statistics, Linear Programming? That would be great.
I intend to use some of the resources with my students. There is the language barrier, but we will see. Try to keep the language vocabulary to a minimum.
Once again thanks a lot.
There is hope for mankind.

Raffi Avakian
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

We plan to add some material on statistics. However, at the moment we cannot make precise statements about the timescale it will take to do so.

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