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Debbie Lennon, Copyright Officer at Alberta Learning, Canada
Message to maths online, October 19, 2001

The Learning Technologies Branch (LTB) is a nonprofit branch under the authority of Alberta Learning, which is part of the Government of Alberta. LTB is dedicated to the education of students using grades 1 to 12 programs. LTB is responsible for the design and development of learning materials, which include print and nonprint components.

We are developing a database title Tools4Teachers. The Tools4Teachers database is a collection of digital learning objects directly related to the learning outcomes of Alberta curriculum and is intended for use by all Alberta teachers. The Tools4Teachers database is accessible through a secure password protected website. There is no cost to the teachers, students or parents to use this material.

In order to make the learning materials that we develop as relevant and meaningful as possible, we like to include actual names, logos, excerpts, articles, images, video and audio clips, etc. Our developers have indicated a desire to include a reproduction of a work (or part thereof - in fact five of our applets) for which we understand the rights are owned by you.

Should you have any questions, please contact me. Thank you for your co-operation.

Yours truly,

Debbie Lennon, Copyright Officer
Learning Technologies Branch - Alberta Learning
Box 4000
Barrhead, AB T7N 1P4

Yes, you may use the material you requested for Learning Technologies Branch. Can we get access to it?

November 14, 2001

Thank you for your response. Yes the it is freely available to users without charge in a secure password protected database. We will not be adapting (changing) your units. Here is the website address to look at the FAQ which tells you about the database but only teachers can gain access to the actual database:

I spoke with the Project Manager and she has extract a page, where some of your material is used, for you to peruse:

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