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Angela McEwan, Series Editor at Media Matters Education Consultancy, Scotland
Message to maths online, December 13, 2001

I am writing to ask permission to include material from your Web site, for which we believe you own the copyright, on a CD-ROM for Scottish schools. We wish to download the material from the Web and include the pages on a CD-ROM for teachers and students of Mathematics.

The CD-ROM will be a teaching resource which Learning and Teaching Scotland and the National Grid for Learning will issue free to all high schools in Scotland. The CD-ROM is non-profitmaking and educational. It will illustrate to schools, materials which are available on the Web and encourage them to use the Internet in their teaching and studies. The CD-ROM would also contain a live link to your Web site and would introduce teachers and students to your site.

The pages we would like to include are:

Further Details About us:

Learning and Teaching Scotland is a partially publicly funded body, receiving a small core grant from the Scottish Executive and has a remit to produce a range of educational resources which fit the Scottish curriculum. For further information, please visit the website at:

Media Matters is an education consultancy which is subcontracted by Learning and Teaching Scotland to select and create the content for the SCETNet CD-ROMS.For further information, please visit the website at:

Further Details About the project:

The purpose of the CD-ROM is to demonstrate to teachers how they might use the Internet to enhance their teaching. Your web pages have been identified because they provide relevant information for teachers in Scottish schools (and in some cases lecturers at FE Colleges) and because they provide opportunities for students (16+) to learn about relevant topics. After much research, one hundred Web sites have been selected as appropriate for inclusion.

We also hope to encourage teachers to use the Internet by introducing them to the kind of resources which the web offers. Activities for students connected with the selected web pages will also be included on the CD-ROM. The sites we want to include have all been chosen for their excellence. At present Internet access is limited in schools and hence the desire to provide the resource on a CD-ROM. Access is increasing and ultimately we would hope that teachers would use sites on the web itself.

All high schools will be issued with a copy of the CD-ROM and may, if they wish, purchase additional copies from Learning and Teaching Scotland for a small fee.

We would be grateful if you would consider giving permission, as the copyright owners, for the reproduction of the above-mentioned material for the purposes stated. The material would not be altered in any way and full acknowledgement of the source would be made.

Please contact me if you need further information before making a decision.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Angela McEwan
Series Editor
Media Matters Education Consultancy
104 Barscube Terrace,

We agree to give you permission to download and include the above mentioned material for reproduction and non commercial distribution of the CD Rom for educational purposes.

May 8, 2002

The SCETNet CD-ROM is moving into it's final two months of production and I have had a request from the teachers involved to seek your permission for the inclusion of an additional page. The address of the page is:

It has five applets - reached by clicking the red buttons - with which our teachers are very impressed.

Would it be possible for permission to be given for the inclusion of this page as well as those for which you have already given permission?

Yours sincerely,

Angela McEwan

Yes, you may include these five applets as well.

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