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Ann Ludbrook, Permissions Editor at McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd, Canada
Message to maths online, Fabruary 4, 2002

McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd is a Canadian educational publisher. We are interested in using 8 of your interactive math applets in an e-book that will accompany our traditional printed textbook, as well as being sold in a small number independent of the textbook. Please see the attached letter for more details. If your could please let us know as soon as possible if we can get permission to use these applets that would be great.

My contact information is as follows

Ann Ludbrook
Permissions Editor
McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd
1122 Queen St East
Toronto, ONT
M4M 1K8

We give you the permission to use the applets required. You can download a complete version of maths online from the address It is practically identical with the online version.

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