Warp image

Click and drag in the image and look what happens! Using a little bit of phantasy, you can produce amazing pieces of art.

Explore what happens if you repeatedly perform some particular warp operation of your choice! Furthermore, explore what happens if you repeatedly perform a sequence of two operatons (e.g. crosswise - horizontal, vertical, horizontal, vertical,... - or diagonal crosswise, i.e. following the shape of an x)! Do you recognize the emergence of fractal type structures? (In simplified terms, a fractal is a pattern repeating itself on smaller and smaller scales. Such patterns are also called self similar).

Without knowing the precise rules according to which an image follows from the preceding one, try to think about the mathematical processes at work here! What might be responsible for the structure emerging after a regular sequence of warp operations? Can you imagine natural processes to generate fractal patterns in a similar way?