Haptic enablers for improved QoE, bandwidth and energy consumption

What is HAPQNET?

The attention of mobile multimedia service consumers varies in respect to their current context. On the way, for example when crossing the street, the user is very likely to concentrate on the current traffic instead of watching Mobile TV in contrast to a static waiting time at a bus station where the user can more easily immerge in the world proposed by the selected service. But even at home, the user might be distracted or move from one room to the other putting the mobile device in the background of his current interest for a certain amount of time. The aim of the proposed specific Euro-NF project is to save bandwidth and energy consumption and to improve QoE by taking into account information on users’ context.

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  • Software-prototype (2010/02/01)
    The EE-Player (Energy Efficient Player) is the first version of a video-player-software, which uses haptic gestures to start and stop the playback.