You are Welcome
to participate in the Conference

"The Impact of Ageing, A Common Challenge for Europe and Asia"

which takes place at the

National Defence Academy in Vienna
7 - 9 June, 2006.

Whether you look at ageing as a privilege and a societal achievement, or you see it as a challenge that will have an impact on all aspects of 21st century society in both Europe and Asia, you are welcome to join us. As such, ageing cannot be addressed by the public or private sectors in isolation, but requires joint cross-border approaches and strategies that also depend on our commitment in a fast-ageing world.

Over the past few years the world's population has continued its shift from a state of high birth and death rates to one characterized by low birth and death rates. At the heart of that transition we notice the growth in the number and proportion of older persons.

Such rapid, large, and ubiquitous growth has never before been seen in the history of civilization (WHO).

In 2000, there were 600 million people aged 60 and over;
there will be 1.2.billion by 2025
and 2 billion by 2050

Conference language is English.

Please, register till 5th June!

You will meet international experts on ageing from Asia and Europe in:
Biomedicine, Demography, Economy and Law
They will share with you their latest findings and experiments.
YOU will find a forum to debate your issues, exchange information, have the
opportunity to enter friendships and renew partnerships.

Impressum: © 2006, Gabriele Sinigoj, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria