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Hier der Link zum Video meines Vortrag “Search technology in society. Constructing search engines, shaping knowledge”, den ich kuerzlich im HUMlab/ University of Umeå gegeben habe.

Das Video Archiv ist ziemlich eindrucksvoll mit super Vorträgen im weiteren Themenfeld der “Digital Humanities” und geht zurueck bis ins Jahr 2002 – umfasst also schon fast eine Technologie Historie! Mehr Infos zum HUMlab Archiv hier auf meinem Blog.

Preparations have already started for the upcoming conference “Media Places”, that will take place at the HUMlab, Umeå University/ Sweden, 9-11 December 2010. Within the broader context of what has been labeled the “Digital Humanities” this conferences aims to investigate the interplay between media, technology and location. “A basic premise is that the social, cultural and spatial are deeply embedded, and that space is constantly structured and produced by those of who occupy it”, as may be read on the conference website. To approach phenomena at the intersection of media, technology and place the conference brings together cultural historians, architects, screen researchers, art and creative directors from digital media production industry, visualization experts, design researchers, sociologists, gender researchers, and game industry representatives. This broad range of scholars with different backgrounds shows the interdisciplinary dimension of topics the growing field of Digital Humanities deals with.

Details on the program and international guests from top-class institutions in the field of Digital Humanities may be found here. I’m already looking forward to an exciting three-day conference in the far north of Sweden ;)