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Thought Experiments


Elke Brendel

Joshua Alexander and Jonathan M. Weinberg: Analytic Epistemology and Experimental Philosophy
Elke Brendel: Intuition Pumps and the Proper Use of Thought Experiments
Elke Brendel: The Argument View
Daniel Cohnitz and Sören Häggqvist: Thought Experiments in Current Metaphilosophical Debates
Edmund L. Gettier: Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?
Sören Häggqvist: A Model for Thought Experiments
Jonathan Ichikawa and Matthias Steup: The Analysis of Knowledge
Jessica Brown: Thought Experiments, Intuitions and Philosophical Evidence
Kirk Ludwig: Thought Experiments and Experimental Philosophy
Jennifer Nagel: Intuitions and Experiments: A Defense of the Case Method in Epistemology
Schick: What do You Know?
Sorensen: The Logical Structure of Thought Experiments
Jonathan Weinberg et al.: Normativity and Epistemic Intuitions

James Robert Brown

James Robert Brown: The Laboratory of the Mind
Daniel C. Dennett: Intuition Pumps
Dennett: What RoboMary Knows
Frank Jackson: Epiphenomenal Qualia
Thomas S. Kuhn: A Function for Thought Experiments
James Robert Brown: Philosophy of Mathematics

John D. Norton

Lecture 3
John Norton: Are Thought Experiments Just What You Thought?
John Norton: Why Thought Experiments do not Transcend Empiricism
John Norton: Thought Experiments in Einstein's Work

Lecture 6
John Norton: Chasing the Light
John Norton: Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity and the Problems in the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies That Led him to It
John Norton and Bryan Roberts: Galileo’s Refutation of the Speed-Distance Law of Fall Rehabilitated

Lecture 8
John Norton: Infinite Lottery Machines
John Norton: How to build an infinite lottery machine
John Norton and Alexander Pruss: Correction to John D. Norton "How to build an infinite lottery machine"

Lecture 9
John Norton: Indeterministic Physical Systems
John Norton: The Dome: An Unexpectedly Simple Failure of Determinism

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