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Stegmüller's Literary Estate at the Brenner Archive
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History of Science and/or Philosophy of Science? 


Project investigators

Friedrich Stadler - Project leader
Studies in history, philosophy, psychology at the Universities of Graz and Salzburg; 1977 Mag.phil., 1982 Dr.phil., Since 1989 Lecturer and 1994 Habilitation for 'History and Philosophy of Science' at the University of Vienna; 1991 Founder and Scientific Director of the Institute Vienna Circle (Institut Wiener Kreis. Verein zur Förderung Wissenschaftlicher Weltauffassung); Spring 1997 Visiting Professor (DAAD) at Humboldt-University Berlin, Department of Philosophy; Fall Term 1998 Fulbright Research Fellow and Teacher at the University of Minnesota, Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science and Center for Austrian Studies, Minneapolis (USA); 2006/07: Appointed Fellow at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, University of Helsinki (Leave of Absence); August 2008: Appointed Professor for History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Vienna: Joint Appointment at the Faculty of Historical-Cultural Sciences and the Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Sciences.

Fields of research in this project:
- The development of Philosophy of Science in Austria after 1945.
- The Vienna Circle in America (Carnap, Feigl, Frank)

Allan Janik - Cooperation partner
Ph.D.: Brandeis University (Waltham, MA, USA) 1971,
History of Ideas (Nostrifiziert aus Philosophie, Innsbruck, 1992).
M.A.:Villanova University, (PA, USA) 1965, Philosophy.
A.B.: St Anselm College, 1963, Philosophy.

Fields of Research :
Wittgenstein, Offenbach, Weininger, "Der Brenner", Austrian Cultural History, methodological problems in the Geisteswissenschaften, philosophy of science and history of science, political philosophy, the epistemology of work, technology and society

Hans-Joachim Dahms - Project investigator
Studies in philosophy, linguistics, classical philology and sociology in Göttingen (Germany), 1975: Master in philosophy und linguistics, 1990: PhD in philosophy at the University of Bremen, 2001: „Habilitation“ for philosophy at the University of Osnabrück.

Fields of research in this project:
- Stegmüller in Germany
- The development of the philosophy of science in Germany after 1960.

Christian Damböck - Project investigator
Studies in Philosophy at the University of Vienna, Mag.phil 1998, PhD 2005.

Fields of research in this project:
- The development of the philosophy of science between 1965 and 1995
- Formal models vs. historical, sociological and psychological reconstruction of the development of science

Christoph Limbeck-Lilienau - Project investigator
2005 Master in Philosophy (Vienna), 2009 Guest semester for the spring term 2009 at the “Graduate School/ Department of
Philosophy” of Duke University, Durham, North Carolina.

Fields of research in this project:
- Eliminative materialism
- The historical turn in the philosophy of science (Kuhn, Lakatos, Feyerabend)
- Theory-ladenness of observation

Michael Schorner - Project investigator
Studies in philosophy and architecture at the University of Innsbruck. MA 2009.

Fields of research in this project:
- Stegmüller after 1960
- Popper and Feyerabend


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Christian Damböck