Opportunities for students

Students are welcome to join the project by conducting their theses on project topics and samples. Below some examples, but please contact me for further information or new ideas.

Ernst Mach fellowship for PhD students and early post-docs (deadline 1 March 2018)

I am looking for candidates interested in the project and willing to apply for the Ernst Mach fellowship which can financially support a stay up to 9 months at the University of Vienna.
Depending on the interests of the applicant, potential research projects may deal with sample-based research on the temporal and spatial patterns of the Lessepsian invasion, building of databases of taxonomic and functional reference information to compare sample-based data, geochronology, data analysis and modelling. I will support preferentially proposals dealing with molluscs and candidates with a background in malacology (recent or fossil) or advanced statistics/modelling. Still, I am interested in the candidate's own interests and ideas, which you are welcome to describe.

I wish to identify the potential applicant by late December.
Proposal writing is planned for January and February.
Interested candidates are invited to send a description of their research interests, how such a fellowship would fit their broader career objectives and a CV via email.

Thesis topics for master students, internships

Several topics are available within the context of the project Historical ecology of Lessepsian migration. Contact me by email for further information.

Target: master students, students seeking internships.

Skills which will be acquired: identification of Mediterranean and tropical (Lessepsian) molluscs, multivariate analysis of data, principles of invasion ecology, scientific paper writing.

Prerequisites: independent user of the statistical environment R (s/he does not necessarily know the specific functions needed for the project, but should be able to implement them under supervision), previous experience in identification of marine molluscs is an advantage.

Location: Department of Palaeontology, University of Vienna.

Timing: summer semester 2017-2018 and academic year 2018-2019.

Upon performance evaluation, the student may co-author the resulting scientific paper.

Work on taxa other than molluscs is possible within the network of the project. Inquire only if you have a profound interest or previous expertise.