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Hans Krahe, "Ligurisch und Indogermanisch", in: Helmut Arntz (Ed.), Germanen und Indogermanen, Festschrift für Hermann Hirt, Wiesbaden: Helmut Arntz 1936. (3 volumes), Vol. 2, 241-255.

Author/Editor: Hans Krahe
Type: linguistic study
Language: German
Link to Author:
In: Festschrift Hirt 1936
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Referring to the question of Ligurian, Krahe considers the Lepontic inscriptions in order to define whether they have to be included: the language is certainly Indo-European (of the Kentum group) and, in particular, a Celtic dialect. Therefore, the Lepontic inscriptions can not be used for the linguistic definition of Ligurian. Krahe concludes that the "eigentliche" Ligurian language was pre-Indo-European, and that, later, was covered by an Indo-European stratum: the problem to determine which Indo-European language it was still remains.