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Description: Specifies the different basic substances that make up the material mix of the object, and their relative proportions.
Type: String

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AO·1 Aosta +black-varnished ware  +
AO·2 Aosta +black-varnished ware  +
AO·4 Châtillon +black-varnished ware  +


BG·10 Bergamo +black-varnished ware  +
BG·12 Bergamo +black-varnished ware  +
BG·15 Parre +sandstone  +
BG·21 Verdello +black-varnished ware  +
BG·22 Verdello +black-varnished ware  +
BG·24 Fornovo San Giovanni +black-varnished ware  +
BG·25 Fornovo San Giovanni +black-varnished ware  +
BG·26 Fornovo San Giovanni +black-varnished ware  +
BG·29 Verdello +terra sigillata  +
BG·32 Verdello +black-varnished ware  +
BG·35 Verdello +terra sigillata  +
BG·36 Verdello +terra sigillata  +
BG·37 Verdello +black-varnished ware  +
BG·38 Verdello +black-varnished ware  +
BG·39 Verdello +black-varnished ware  +
BG·4 Bergamo +black-varnished ware  +
BG·7 Bergamo +black-varnished ware  +
BS·1 Coccaglio +black-varnished ware  +
BS·12 Gottolengo +black-varnished ware  +
BS·13 Gottolengo +black-varnished ware  +
BS·14 Gottolengo +black-varnished ware  +
BS·15 Gottolengo +black-varnished ware  +
BS·16 Remedello +black-varnished ware  +
BS·17 Remedello +black-varnished ware  +
BS·2 Sabbio Chiese +marble  +, Botticino marble  +
BS·22 Cividate Camuno +sandstone  +
BS·3 Voltino +limestone  +
BS·4 Brescia +black-varnished ware  +


CO·21 Rondineto +sandstone  +
CO·23 Rondineto +black-varnished ware  +
CO·24 Rondineto +red-varnished ware  +
CO·25 Rondineto +red-varnished ware  +
CO·47 Breccia +red varnished ware  +
CO·48 Prestino +sandstone  +
CO·53 Prestino +red-varnished ware  +
CO·54 Prestino +red-varnished ware  +
CO·65 Casate +black-varnished ware  +
CO·69 Ossuccio +red varnished pottery  +
CO·71 San Fermo della Battaglia +mica schist  +
CO·72 San Fermo della Battaglia +red-varnished ware  +
CO·79 Alzate Brianza +black-varnished ware  +


GR·1 Mesocco +gneiss  +


Li 1.2 Genova +schist  +


MI·2 Parabiago +black-varnished ware  +
MI·8 Milano +black-varnished ware  +
MI·9 Milano +black-varnished ware  +
MS·1 Aulla +sandstone  +
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