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BG·18 +2<sup>nd</sup> / 1<sup>st</sup> century BC  +
BG·18 Parre +2<sup>nd</sup> / 1<sup>st</sup> century BC  +
BG·19 +around the 4<sup>th</sup> century BC  +
BG·19 Parre +around the 4<sup>th</sup> century BC  +
BG·2 Bergamo +middle of 4<sup>th</sup> century BC  +
BG·2.1 +middle of 4<sup>th</sup> century BC  +
BG·2.2 +middle of 4<sup>th</sup> century BC  +
BG·20 +5<sup>th</sup> century BC  +
BG·20 Capriate San Gervasio +5<sup>th</sup> century BC  +
BG·21 +1<sup>st</sup> century BC (Solinas, after Tizzoni)  +
BG·21 Verdello +1<sup>st</sup> century BC (Solinas, after Tizzoni)  +
BG·22 +1<sup>st</sup> century BC (Solinas, after Tizzoni)  +
BG·22 Verdello +1<sup>st</sup> century BC (Solinas, after Tizzoni)  +
BG·23 +3<sup>rd</sup> century BC (?)  +
BG·23 Fornovo San Giovanni +3<sup>rd</sup> century BC (?)  +
BG·28 Ghisalba +middle of 3<sup>rd</sup> century BC  +
BG·28.1 +middle of 3<sup>rd</sup> century BC  +
BG·28.2 +middle of 3<sup>rd</sup> century BC  +
BG·29 +1<sup>st</sup> century BC  +
BG·29 Verdello +1<sup>st</sup> century BC  +
BG·3 +middle of 4<sup>th</sup> century BC  +
BG·3 Bergamo +middle of 4<sup>th</sup> century BC  +
BG·30 +1<sup>st</sup> century BC  +
BG·30 Verdello +1<sup>st</sup> century BC  +
BG·31 +1<sup>st</sup> century BC  +
BG·31 Verdello +1<sup>st</sup> century BC  +
BG·32 +1<sup>st</sup> century BC  +
BG·32 Verdello +1<sup>st</sup> century BC  +
BG·33 +unknown  +
BG·33 Verdello +unknown  +
BG·34 +unknown  +
BG·34 Verdello +unknown  +
BG·35 +1<sup>st</sup> century BC  +
BG·35 Verdello +1<sup>st</sup> century BC  +
BG·37 +unknown  +
BG·37 Verdello +unknown  +
BG·38 +unknown  +
BG·38 Verdello +unknown  +
BG·39 +unknown  +
BG·39 Verdello +unknown  +
BG·4 +1<sup>st</sup> century BC  +
BG·4 Bergamo +1<sup>st</sup> century BC  +
BG·40 +1<sup>st</sup> century BC  +
BG·40 Caravaggio +1<sup>st</sup> century BC  +
BG·5 +4<sup>th</sup> century BC  +
BG·5 Bergamo +4<sup>th</sup> century BC  +
BG·6 +unknown  +
BG·6 Bergamo +unknown  +
BG·9 +2<sup>nd</sup> / 1<sup>st</sup> century BC  +
BG·9 Bergamo +2<sup>nd</sup> / 1<sup>st</sup> century BC  +
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