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Description: Specifies the general context, the situation and the environment in which the object was discovered.
Type: String

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CO·59 Prestino +excavation  +
CO·60 Prestino +excavation  +
CO·71 San Fermo della Battaglia +by chance  +
CO·72 San Fermo della Battaglia +excavation  +
CO·75 Capiago Intimiano +excavation  +
CO·76 Capiago Intimiano +excavation  +


GR·1 Mesocco +by chance  +


JU·1 Montmorot +routed out in the depository  +


MI·11 Milano +unknown  +
MI·12 Milano +unknown  +
MI·14 Parabiago +excavation  +
MI·16 Canegrate +by chance  +
MI·6 Cernusco sul Naviglio +unknown  +
MI·8 Milano +excavation  +
MI·9 Milano +excavation  +
MN·1 Bagnolo San Vito +by chance  +
MS·1 Aulla +by chance  +
MS·2 Villafranca in Lunigiana +unknown  +
MS·3 Bagnone +unknown  +


NM·19 +excavation  +
NO·1 Castelletto sopra Ticino +salvage excavation  +
NO·18 Miasino +"unregulated" excavation  +
NO·19 Gozzano +excavation  +
NO·25 Varallo Pombia +after construction work  +


PG·1 Todi +unknown  +
Pa 1.2 Rubiera +by chance  +


SP·1 Zignago +unknown  +


TI·10 Giubiasco +excavation  +
TI·11 Giubiasco +excavation  +
TI·12 Giubiasco +uncontrolled excavation  +
TI·13 Giubiasco +uncontrolled excavation  +
TI·14 Giubiasco +"context" composed in June/July 1901  +
TI·15 Giubiasco +excavation  +
TI·17 Giubiasco +uncontrolled excavation  +
TI·18 Giubiasco +uncontrolled excavation  +
TI·19 Giubiasco +"context" composed in June/July 1901  +
TI·2 Giubiasco +"context" composed in June/July 1901  +
TI·24 Locarno +excavation  +
TI·26 Vira nel Gambarogno +unspecified  +
TI·27 Mezzovico-Vira +construction work  +
TI·3 Giubiasco +"context" composed in June/July 1901  +
TI·35 Ponte Capriasca +by chance  +
TI·36 Davesco +by chance  +
TI·39 Sorengo +unknown  +
TI·4 Giubiasco +"context" composed in June/July 1901  +
TI·40 Stabio +farm labour  +
TI·41 Stabio +farm labour  +
TI·42 Stabio +farm labour  +
TI·43 Bioggio +during construction work  +
TI·44 Bioggio +during construction work  +
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