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Maximum number of loops have been performed
Maximum number of loops have been performed
Attestation: NO·21.1 (tanotaliknoi / kuitos / lekatos / anokopokios / setupokios / esanekoti / anareuiśeos / tanotalos / karnitus) (1)
Language: Latin
adapted to: Cisalpine Gaulish
Word Type: proper noun

Grammatical Categories:

Case: nom.
Number: sg.
Gender: masc.
Stem Class: o

Morphemic Analysis: ku̯int-os Attention, needs to be checked!
Phonemic Analysis: kintos Attention, needs to be checked!
Cognates: Lat. quintus
Meaning: Qui(n)tos


The implosive nasal before a consonant is almost never written in Lepontic script, therefore it has to be read kui(n)tos, cp. piuotialui, anokopokios, arkatokomaterekos vs. piuonta, anteśilu (for phonetic discussion cp. Uhlich 2007: 390-391, Lejeune 1971: 381 fn. 69, fn. 68, Whatmough 1933: II 592). In the inscription NO·21.1 we can recognize romanization: this son of Dan(n)otalos has obviousely a Latin name (Quintus) and also a roman title (legatus). (Lejeune 1971: 23, 25, 40-41, cp. Eska 2006: 232 fn. 7, Uhlich 2007: 387). Another interpretation is given by Meißner (2004: 98-100), he derives kuitos from Cintu- "the first". See also McCone 1996: 5.


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