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Reading in Transliteration: u / u / tu / kpp 
Reading in Original Script: unknown
Variant Reading: u / tu / tu / kP dP d (Giussani)

Object: CO·80 Alzate Brianza (unknown)
Position: unknown
Direction of Writing: unknown
Script: unknown
Number of Letters: 7
Number of Words: 4
Number of Lines: 4
Workmanship: unknown
Condition: unknown

Archaeological Culture: unknown [from object]
Date of Inscription: unknown [from object]
Date derived from:

Type: unknown
Language: unknown
Syntactic Analysis: unknown
Meaning: unknown

Alternative Sigla: Whatmough 1933 (PID): 283
Solinas 1994: 53

Sources: Solinas 1995: 339


Four groups of scattered characters (Solinas 1995: 339).

  • First edition: Poggi in Contribuzioni allo studio della epigrafia etrusca 85, nr. 39 (
  • Pauli 1885: 10, nr. 20, pl. 1 (drawing after Poggi)


Pauli 1885 Carl Eugen Pauli, Die Inschriften nordetruskischen Alphabets [= Altitalische Forschungen 1], Leipzig: Hannover Hahn 1885.
Solinas 1994 Patrizia Solinas, "Il Celtico in Italia", Studi Etruschi 60 (1994 [1995]), 311-408.
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