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Some short examples how to insert automatic results of semantic searches in pages. A detailed instruction can be found on SMW/Semantic Search. To search within Lexicon Leponticum for defined properties, please use the semantic search.


Displays result lists in different formats.

Simple Queries

{{#ask: [[Category:Category_name]] }}
{{#ask: [[Property_name::Property_value]] }}
{{#ask: [[Category:Category_name]][[Property_name::Property_value]] }}
{{#ask: [[Category:Category_name]][[Property_name::Property_value_1]] OR
     [[Category:Category_name]][[Property_name::Property_value_2]] }}

{{#ask: [[Namespace:+]] }}
{{#ask: [[Category_name:+]] }}
{{#ask: [[Property_name::+]] }}

{{#ask: [[Property_name::~*Part_of_property_value*]] }}

Additional Printouts of Properties


Result Formats


Additional Parameters

|searchlabel= ... view full list
|default=no result




  • The code {{#ask:[[Category:Inscription]] [[language::Latin]] |format=list |limit=4 |sort=sortdate |?sortdate |searchlabel= ... all Latin inscriptions}} will display: PV·5 (sortdate -100), VB·24 (sortdate -75), VB·30 (sortdate -75), PG·1.3 (sortdate -75) ... all Latin inscriptions
  • The code {{#ask:[[Category:Reference]] [[type_reference::palaeographical study]] |?title= |sort=sortdate |order=desc |format=ol |limit=4 |searchlabel= ... all palaeographical studies}} will display:
  1. Stifter 2010 (Lepontische Studien: Lexicon Leponticum und die Funktion von san im Lepontischen)
  2. Zavaroni 2008 (La bilingue gallo-camuna di Voltino e CIL V 4883)
  3. Rubat Borel 2006 (Annexe 2. Nuovi dati per la storia delle lingue celtiche della Cisalpina)
  4. Markey 2006 (Early Celticity in Slovenia and at Rhaetic Magrè (Schio))
  5. ... all palaeographical studies


Displays only the value of the very property of the very page.

{{#show: Page_name | ?Property_to_display }}


  • The code {{#show: BS·3.1 | ?language }} will display "Latin".
  • The code {{#show: Zavaroni 2008 | ?type_reference }} will display "palaeographical study".