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Michel Lejeune, Lepontica, Paris: Société d'Édition "Les Belles Lettres" 1971. (reprint of the article "Documents gaulois et para-gaulois de Cisalpine", Études Celtiques 12/2, 1970-1, pp. 357-500)

Author/Editor: Michel Lejeune
Type: introduction, text edition
Language: French
Link to Author: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michel_Lejeune_%28linguiste%29
Link to Publisher: http://www.lesbelleslettres.com/
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This monograph, originally published as an article in vol. 12 of the journal Études Celtiques, marks the beginning of the modern study of Lepontic. Contains also Ligurian inscriptions.

Lejeune considers the indigenous epigraphic documents of the North-West Cisalpina in the pre-Roman or at the beginning of the Roman era (the inscription of Todi is an exception because it has to be traced back to emigrants). He categorically excludes the ancient sources, the indigenous onomastics of the Latin names of the area and the toponymy.
It cannot be called an editorial work with autopsies (even if they are used in some cases), but rather an overview over the updated corpus. He discusses
the alphabet (II),
the only two texts which are with certainty considered Gaulish from their onomastics and language - Todi and Briona - (III),
the onomastics of the "lépontique et sublépontique" area (IV),
and, finally, the actual Lepontic epigraphy with a separate discussion of the most important monuments (the vessel of Metello NO·18 and that of Latumaro VB·3 Ornavasso, the inscription of Prestino CO·48 and that of Vergiate VA·6); a section of the work is dedicated to the linguistic conclusions (V).
In the appendix he discusses the coin legends (VI) and the steles of the Lunigiana territory MS·2 Villafranca in Lunigiana (VI). This work is exclusively dedicated to Lepontic as a variant of Continental Celtic.