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Coin Type

Coin Type: stater, Lejeune B5, Pautasso "Salassi" f
Description: obverse: small circle, three parallel lines, and triangle (?) with grid pattern, reverse: circle with ornament, legend, and trident (?)
Material (main component): gold
Average Diameter: 2.25 cm0.886 in
Average Thickness:
Average Weight: 6.75 g0.00675 kg
0.0149 lb

Archaeological Culture: La Tène C, La Tène D
Date: 2nd / 1st century BC
Date derived from:

Number of Known Pieces: 2
Area of Circulation: Aosta and Wallis/Valais regions
Mint / Main Site: unknown
Coordinates (approx.): none

Coin Legend

Idealised Transliteration: prikou 
Idealised Original Script: P dR dI dK dO2 dU d
Position: back, centre
Direction of Writing: dextroverse
Script: Lepontic Script
Letter Height: 4 mm"mm" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.
Number of Letters: 6
Inscription Type: unknown
Language: unknown
Syntactic Analysis: unknown
Meaning: most likely an abbreviation starting with "Brigo-"

Alternative Sigla: none

Sources: Lejeune 1971: 125 & 129
Pautasso 1966: 141 & pl. CVII (.1) & pl. CXII (543)
Wiblé 2000: 236



One coin of this type (6.65 g) has been found in Collombey/Roc de la Balme (Wallis/Valais) and is preserved in the Musée cantonal d’archéologie et d’histoire (Lausanne). The other one was found in 1861 near Verrès (Aosta) and is now located in the Accademia di Sant'Anselmo (Aosta) [Pautasso 1966: 141]. Pautasso delivers two different values for the weight of the latter: 6.85 g [141] or 7.00 g [pl. CVII]. Wiblé gives a weight of 6.67 g for the piece from Collombey [Wiblé 2000: 236].


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