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Coin Type

Coin Type: double drachma, Lejeune A6, Arslan IV
Description: obverse: right-facing female head with ivy crown (?) and earring, reverse: right-facing stag, vertical separation line, and legend
Material (main component): silver
Material Composition: unspecified silver alloy
Average Diameter: 19.6 mm"mm" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.
Average Thickness:
Average Weight: 7.20 g0.0072 kg
0.0159 lb
Workmanship: struck

Archaeological Culture: unknown
Date: (first half of) 4th century BC
Date derived from: unknown

Number of Known Pieces: 1
Area of Circulation: "Padanian" region, Alpine region (Arslan)
Mint / Main Site: unknown
Coordinates (approx.): none

Coin Legend

Idealised Transliteration: ]eχeθ̣[ 
Idealised Original Script: unknown
Position: back, right area
Orientation: 90°
Direction of Writing: unknown
Script: North Italic Script
Letter Height: 00 cm
0 in
Number of Letters: 4
Number of Words: 1
Number of Lines: 1
Inscription Type: minting authority
Language: Lepontic
Syntactic Analysis: NP
Meaning: "Segetu" or "Segedu" (name?)

Alternative Sigla: none

Sources: Lejeune 1971: 124-125 & 127
Arslan 2000: 226
Morandi 2004: 507-508 & 510 (fig. 5.1)



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