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Since numeric characters were or became identical with alphabetic ones in the antique tradition there is some difficulty to identify them properly. While the Latin numeric characters (esp. I "1", V "5", X "10") normally pose no problem, there can only be presumptions concerning the North Italic numeral system due to poor attestation. Based on the Etruscan and early Roman numeral system (Ifrah 1986: 163-183) one may assume the following "North Italic" numeric characters:

Character Value
I s 1
U3 s or U s 5
T s 10
Χ6 s or Χ s 50
hundred s 100
 ? 500
thousand s or Θ2 s 1000

Pages for presumably attested numbers: 10, 10000, 14, 15, 2, 23, 24, 4, 44, 50, 6, 8


Ifrah 1986 Georges Ifrah, Universalgeschichte der Zahlen, Frankfurt am Main: Campus 1986. (Translated by Alexander von Platen.)