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Description: Describes the three-dimensional appearance of the object.
Type: String

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BG·15 Parre +cylindric with slightly rounded edges  +
BG·17 Parre +irregular  +
BS·18 Remedello +ovoid  +
BS·2 Sabbio Chiese +rectangular  +
BS·20 Remedello +globular  +
BS·22 Cividate Camuno +irregular  +
BS·7 Brescia +ovoid  +
BS·8 Brescia +ovoid  +, with flat base  +


CO·48 Prestino +parallelepiped  +


GR·1 Mesocco +slightly trapezoid  +
GR·2 Präz +irregular  +


Li 1.2 Genova +ellipsoid  +, cutted at the base  +


MI·11 Milano +truncated conical  +
MI·12 Milano +double truncated conical  +
MI·17 Mezzano +unknown  +
MN·1 Bagnolo San Vito +approximately rhomboid  +


NO·18 Miasino +lenticular  +
NO·19 Gozzano +irregular longish  +
NO·20 Cureggio +originally rectangular  +
NO·21 San Bernardino di Briona +trapezoid with rounded edges at the bottom  +
NO·22 San Bernardino di Briona +irregular roundish  +
NO·4 Oleggio +upper part of the bottle  +


PG·1 Todi +parallelepiped  +


TI·10 Giubiasco +globular  +
TI·2 Giubiasco +influenced by Roman forms  +
TI·26 Vira nel Gambarogno +irregular  +
TI·3 Giubiasco +unknown  +
TI·30 Aranno +rectangular  +
TI·33 Bedigliora +irregular  +
TI·34 Capriasca +irregular  +
TI·35 Ponte Capriasca +irregular rectangular  +
TI·36 Davesco +high-rectangular flat with irregular upper end  +
TI·39 Sorengo +unknown  +
TI·40 Stabio +irregular  +
TI·41 Stabio +approximately trapezoid  +
TI·42 Stabio +irregular longish  +
TI·43 Bioggio +flat rectangular with broken edges  +
TI·45 Bioggio +rectangular flat  +
TI·48 Giubiasco +hyperboloid  +
TI·53 Giubiasco +ovoid  +
TV·1 Oderzo +flat ovoid  +


VA·22 Arsago Seprio +hemispheric  +
VA·4 Sesto Calende +globular  +
VA·6 Vergiate +irregular high-rectangular  +
VB·21 Verbania +irregular longish  +
VB·22 Stresa +approximately trapezoid  +
VB·23 Stresa +approximately trapezoid  +
VB·24 Stresa +upper part curved  +
VB·7 Ornavasso +truncated conical  +
VC·1 Vercelli +irregular longish  +
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