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Aldo Luigi Prosdocimi, "Una Nuova Iscrizione Venetica da Oderzo con Elementi Celtici", in: Maria Grazia Marzi Costagli, Luisa Tamagno Perna (Ed.), Studi di antichità in onore di Guglielmo Maetzke, Roma: Giorgio Bretschneider 1984. (Appendix by Giovan Battista Pellegrini pp. 443-445), 423-445.

Author/Editor: Aldo Luigi Prosdocimi
Type: epigraphic study
Language: Italian
In: Festschrift Maetzke 1984
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Presentation of the Venetic inscription of Oderzo TV·1 (5th century B.C.), for which there is a possibility that the form in -oiso could be a Venetic or Celtic genitive in *-osjo.
Prosdocimi suggests for the form Pompeteguaios a Celtic etymology, of a compound of kʷen/mkʷe "five" and tṇghwa "tongue";
for Padros he thinks of a derivation from the ordinal number "four", maybe an unattested Celtic form *kʷatro-.