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Sir John Rhŷs, The Celtic inscriptions of Cisalpine Gaul [= Proceedings of the British Academy 6], London: British Academy 1913, 23–112.

Author/Editor: Sir John Rhŷs
Type: palaeographical study
Language: English
Link to E-Read: http://www.archive.org/details/celticinscriptiorhys00rich
Link to Author: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sir_John_Rhys
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The material is organised geographically:
1) The Lugano and Ticino zone, with detection and solution of the basic problems (pala, terms in -alos/-ala, forms in -ui and -ai);
2) The Diubiasca Valley, which name is continued in the modern Giubiasco, and the canton of Grigioni;
3) The zone in the south of Lugano, from Lecco until Milan and Novara, and from there until Lake D'Aorta and Ornavasso;
4) The area near Lake Garda.
Some of the interpretations are still valid today.