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Proper name: Stela of Vergiate
Classification: stela

Material: stone
Material Composition: mica schist
Shape: irregular high-rectangular
Extension (h×w×d): 230 cm90.551181 in × 70 cm27.559055 in × 20 cm7.874016 in
Condition: damaged

Archaeological Culture: Golasecca II
Date: end of 6th / beginning of 5th century BC
Date derived from: palaeography

Site: Vergiate (Varese, Lombardia, Italy)
Field Name: Ronchi, next to the church San Gallo
Archaeological context: at a "paving"
Coordinates (approx.): 45° 43' 37" N, 8° 42' 23" ELatitude: 45.726928
Longitude: 8.70648
Find Date: 1913
Find Circumstances: by chance
Current Location: Musei del Castello Sforzesco (Milano)

Inscription: VA·6 (pelkui : pruiam : teu : karite : iṣ́ọs : kalite : palaṃ[)

Alternative Sigla: Whatmough 1933 (PID): 300
Solinas 1994: 119
Motta 2000: 1
Morandi 2004: 106

Sources: Morandi 2004: 594-596 & 593 (fig. 15.106) & 792 (pl. XV)
Motta 2000: 196-197
Solinas 1995: 371



The stela was found in 1913 a few metres south east of the litte church San Gallo, at the road from Vergiate to Cimbro. Today the area is covered by numerous villas, leaving only a zone close to the church (Piana Agostinetti 2004‎: 205-208). A good cast can be seen in the museum of the Società Gallaratese per gli Studi Patrii in Gallarate (Motta 2000: 196). Detailed description and discussion in Tibiletti Bruno 1969c (regarding the state of the object on p. 182 fn. 1-2, 186, 188 fn. 32). Interpreted as a metrical text by Eska & Mercado 2005, Mees 2008, Eska & Mercado 2011


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