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Maximum number of loops have been performed
Maximum number of loops have been performed
Attestation: MI·10.3 (ultll) (1)
Language: Lepontic
Word Type: proper noun
Semantic Field: personal name

Grammatical Categories:

Case: nom.
Number: sg.
Stem Class: on

Morphemic Analysis: lut-ū Attention, needs to be checked!
Phonemic Analysis: lutū
Meaning: "Lutu"


Alternate reading of MI·10.3 by Tibiletti Bruno 1986: 105. This form could be compared to lutu, luto, lutou.


Tibiletti Bruno 1986 Maria Grazia Tibiletti Bruno, "Nuove Iscrizioni Epicoriche a Milano", in: Various Authors, Scritti in ricordo di Graziella Massari Gaballo e di Umberto Tocchetti Pollini, Milano: 1986, 99-109.