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Maximum number of loops have been performed
Maximum number of loops have been performed
Attestation: BS·1 (piuon ta) (1)
Language: Lepontic
Word Type: prob. proper noun

Grammatical Categories:

Number: indeterminable
Gender: animate
Stem Class: on

Morphemic Analysis: biu̯on(ti)- Attention, needs to be checked!
Phonemic Analysis: bion
Meaning: "Biuon"? or abbreviation for a name "Biuon..."


maybe a hypochorism of a compound of bivo- < *gwīwo (biuo- (> bio-) meaning "living (person)") as in Gaul. Biuonia or Biuuō (Lejeune 1971: 62, fn. 186, DLG: 77). It could be an abbreviation of a name like Biuont(ios) (see piuotialui). For further commentaries see piuonei.


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