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Eighth International Phonology Meeting

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1-3 November 1996, Vienna

Second Circular

All the details of the Eighth International Phonology Meeting that were given in the First Circular remain unchanged. This circular therefore contains only additional information. The Meeting will be held from 1-3 November 1996 in the lecture room of the Department of Linguistics, University of Vienna, located at Berggasse 11 in the 9th District of Vienna. Please note that this is not the main University building. The Department is within easy walking distance of the centre of Vienna. Details of how to reach Vienna and the Dept. of Linguistics are given here.

Abstracts and the selection of papers

Considerably more abstracts were submitted (and even more offered after the deadline) than there is room for in the program, and the reviewers were quite consistent in their selection judgements. The program now comprises 6 main papers (30 minutes' presentation) and 27 normal papers (20 minutes' presentation), with 6 reserves.


The provisional program of the meeting is available here. These details are given to give you a general picture of the meeting; please beware that the times can still change, and so you should not depend on hearing or presenting a particular paper at the specific times given here.


You can register for the meeting either on Thursday evening (31st October) from 5 to 8 p.m. (when we also hope to be able to offer you a drink), or from 8 a.m. onwards on Friday (1st November).

Practical considerations


See the Accommodation page for details. Recall that the deadline for the receipt of completed booking forms is 14th October 1996.


Participants from Albania, Bulgaria, CIS States, China, Baltic States, Yugoslavia (Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo), Georgia, Rumania, Turkey, Ukraine and all African States need a visa and should contact us as soon as possible. To get a visa they will have to contact their respective Austrian embassies with an official invitation from the University of Vienna (which we will furnish).

Shops and banks

  • Banks will be closed from Thursday afternoon until Monday morning. Exchange bureaus at the airport and railway stations are usually open, but may charge higher fees. Therefore please either get Austrian currency before you leave home or make sure you have a credit card that is valid in Austria, and that it can be used in an Austrian cash-dispenser ("Bankomat"). You will not be able to cash traveller's cheques. Recall that the conference fee is ATS 350 payable in cash in Austrian schillings.
  • Shops are closed all day Friday (a public holiday) and Sunday, so if you need to buy food, please do so on Thursday (before 6 p.m.) or on Saturday morning. Some shops should be open on Saturday afternoon, but probably not many. In an emergency you can buy food at some of the larger Filling Stations.


Car parking is normally restricted (pay-and-display with a card ("Parkschein") available at tobacconists' and banks and a maximum of 2 hours) but there is no restriction a) after 8 p.m. and b) during the Friday, Saturday and Sunday when the meeting takes place. However, if you arrive earlier (e.g. for registration on Thursday evening!) or stay later, you will need to display a parking card in the whole of the 9th District of Vienna. Be warned that the police are very numerous and very strict, and may tow away your car within half an hour!


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Document last updated: Wednesday, 23rd October 1996