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Photos taken in Africa in 2000 (part 2 - South Africa)

Me in my (quite warm) office in the Linguistics Department at Wits, September 2000.
Micailou "Jacques" Konfé in South Africa! Here in front of our wigwam at the Cuckoo's Nest in KwaMbonambi in KwaZulu-Natal.
The wigwam in perspective: with the pool just outside the door.
Jacques at the Cuckoo's nest.
Jacques seeing the sea for the first time in his life (the Indian Ocean at Santa Lucia, near Richards Bay, KwaZulu- Natal).
The next day Jacques returned for a swim...
And a few metres away a bunch of Zulu girls were swimming...
when suddenly a rush started...
and they were all over Jacques...
Everyone wanted to be on the photo.
After the shooting session, Jacques made peace with the only male being in the vicinity. (They couldn't speak a mutually comprehensible word to each other.)
And later we brought the girls some chicken (which disappeared at amazing speed).
Impala and zebra in Hluhluwe Game Park.
A monkey in Hluhluwe Game Park.
An elephant in Hluhluwe Game Park.
Jacques in Dori & Jochen's flat in Durban.
Jacques en route back to Johannesburg from KwaZulu-Natal.

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