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Video & photos taken from 20th February 2006 on

Martin Abdoulaye Adɔfrɛpãʊ̃ Rennison shortly after his birth, with his parents. He was 3.65kg and 52cm, didn't lose any weight in hospital, and was discharged aged 4 days with 3.93kg.
Martin, Nadège and the dummy (MPEG movie, 8MB)
The young man himself.
The soon-to-disappear remains of the umbilical cord.
Looking smart in trousers from Aunty Wyn.
Sister Christina makes a comfortable bed.
Who does he look like?
His favourite place...
...for a nap.
Being a big sister is hard work. Being a younger brother too.
Martin being pampered by sister Nadège, Niece Caroline and sister Barbara
Martin and Aicha
At last...
...mum took the camera...
...and took some photos of Martin with dad.
Vorfreude ist die größte Freude.

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