Research project: The Presentation of Pain and Illness II.
The Role of Patient Participation and Transculturality.


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updated 5.5.2010
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updated 5.5.2010


to the web pages of the FWF-funded research project "The Presentation of Pain and Illness II" (project number P20283). Here you will find information regarding all crucial aspects of the project. For further information on specific aspects such as project data, abstract, research team and cooperation, please make use of the navigation menu above as well as the context-sensitive submenu on the left.
With its focus on the role of patient involvment and transculturality, the project continues the work of the Vienna-based research team and at the same time finds a new focal point. The web links provided on the right hand side will direct you to related and associated projects and contents in the field of communication in medical practice.

Current point of interest: New publication on pain representation