Ninth International Phonology Meeting

Structure and Melody

1-3 November 2002, Vienna

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Post-conference information

Details of our publication plans are available on the "Publication" link above, or here.

Please check this page occasionally for details of future Vienna phonology meetings. They will be posted here as soon as we know them.

Old, pre-conference information


The "Graz Reduplication Conference 2002" runs from 3-6 November 2002, and is only a couple of hours from Vienna by train. 

Latest news

Abstracts for the meeting can be read or downloaded either from our Abstracts page or from the provisional program of the meeting.

The abstracts for one of our Saturday afternoon (2 Nov.) workshops are also available (from the WOPAL page), and there is an announcement for another, the Workshop on Templates, organised by Jean Lowenstamm and Tobias Scheer. We still welcome offers to organise further workshops on Saturday afternoon.

We are also pleased to announce that there will be a pre-conference Workshop on Licensing, starting at 10 a.m. on Thursday 31st October 2002. There will be no presentations, but just a brief introduction by Harry van der Hulst, sketching the history of licensing in phonology, followed by discussion. All conference participants are invited to come along.

The Mayor of Vienna has kindly invited all conference participants to a reception (with buffet) in the Town Hall at 7 p.m. on Friday, 1st November 2002. Please make sure you arrive before 7 p.m. -- most of us will walk there together after the last session of the afternoon.

About the Meeting

The Ninth International Phonology Meeting will be held from 1-3 November 2002 in Vienna, Austria. Like the previous meeting in 1996, it will have a general theme.
The choice of the theme "Structure and Melody" reflects the current concern of many phonologists about the relationship between prosody and syllable / foot / word structure on the one hand and the melodic content of skeletal positions within those structures.


Under the general theme of "Structure and Melody" there will be 3 topics:

1. Syllable structure and melody
2. Prosody and melody
3. Acoustic, cognitive and computational issues

The invited speakers are (alphabetically):

Grzegorz Dogil, Patrick Honeybone, Larry Hyman
Nancy Ritter, Grazyna Rowicka, Péter Szigetvári


As mentioned above, we encourage participants to organise further afternoon / evening workshops or discussion groups on any phonological topic to be held on Sat. 2nd Nov. (only!). Workshops will be in complementary distribution. Please write or e mail if you wish to organise one. Currently two workshop is planned, on The Phonology of African Languages (organised by Rose-Juliet Anyanwu & John Rennison) and on Templates (organised by Jean Lowenstamm and Tobias Scheer).


The conference fee is € 50 (ca. U.S. $50), payable in cash, in Euros at registration (€ 25 for students). Participants from countries who need an entry visa for Austria pay no conference fee. The fee includes the abstracts volume, tea, (real) coffee & biscuits during breaks, drinks at registration on 31 Oct. and an evening reception with buffet on 1 November. There is no pre-payment because of the horrendous banking charges. 


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The Meeting is being organised on behalf of the Wiener Sprachgesellschaft (Vienna Language Society) by a team of phonologists from the Department of Linguistics at the University of Vienna, the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence and the Acoustics Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

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