Ninth International Phonology Meeting

Structure and Melody

1-3 November 2002, Vienna

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Workshop on the Phonology of African Languages (WOPAL)

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WOPAL abstracts

Author Title .pdf Word
Rose-Juliet Anyanwu & John R. Rennison When vowels meet in Wap (Jukun of Wase Tofa, Middle Belt, Nigeria)  x   x 
Peter Avery Comparative tonology of Dholuo and Lango  x   x 
(withdrawn) Michael Cahill Vowel assimilation in Knni  x   x 
Roderic F. Casali & Myles Leitch Underspecification revisited: [-ATR] dominance and default [+ATR] in Bantu C  x   x 
Sheryl Cooke Palatalisation: The Passive Construction in Zulu  x   x 
Larry M. Hyman Length harmony in Leggb: A counter-universal?  x   x 
Constance Kutsch Lojenga Vowel harmony: the behaviour of the vowel /a/ in [+ATR] environment  x   x 
Nama Louali & Gerard Philippson Vowel apophony and underlying segments in Siwa Berber (Egypt)  x   
(withdrawn) Kenneth S. Olson Word minimality and non-surface-apparent opacity in Mono  x   
Keith Snider Automatic and Nonautomatic Downstep in Chumburung: An Instrumental Comparison  x   x 
Klaus & Charlotte Wedekind and Abuzaynab Musa An Update on the Beja Phonology  x   x