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       Private Archives
The files of Viktor Frankl date back to 1923. They contain a wealth of miscellaneous material such as manuscripts, letters, newspaper clippings, photos, and media.

Note: The Archives are owned by the family of Viktor Frankl.

• Written documents: Catalog and data base

The written files are in the process of being catalogued. To date about two thirds of the items have been screened and entered into a data base.

The original items in the archives cannot be accessed. Copies of individual items may be obtained under certain circumstances. In particular, the request must be motivated by a specific scientific project.

Requests should be sent by e-mail to
Franz Vesely. They must be accompanied by a clear statement of the intention of the research, including the name of the academic body and of the project leader.
• Media Archives

The private files contain films, video and audio recordings from five decades. The material was transferred to digital media, and the distribution of selected recordings was outsourced two a German and a U.S. media publisher, respectively. Some videoclips may be accessed online.

• Portraits and images

The maintenance and distribution of images of Dr. Frankl was handed over to the photo agency Imagno. Without exception, the right to use a portrait or photo must be obtained by Imagno.

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