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A Comprehensive Introduction to the Mari Language

This textbook is based on the 1990/1991 Russian-language textbook Марийский язык для всех, Volumes I & II. It is currently being rewritten in English, in cooperation with the original authors. The first half of this new textbook can be downloaded below; the second half will be completed in the next few years.

In adapting this textbook, special attention is being paid to the needs of self-learners who do not have access to a teacher when learning the Mari language. More details can be found in the book’s preface.

You can either download the entire textbook (i.e. the entire part that has been completed) or individual sections or chapters by choosing the appropriate links in the table below. You can also download the audio materials accompanying this book in .mp3 format.

For each chapter, you can review all the Mari morphology you should know up to that stage by following the morphology link, which will lead to a version of the Mari Morphology Generator that only covers the grammar already presented.

To date, this textbook has only been published on this website. We suggest visiting a copy shop or using lecture note printing services available at many universities, for example, to create individual paper versions, should these be desired. As this book has been released into the public domain (see license information on page 2), this will not involve any legal difficulties.

A scanned version of the 1990/1991 Russian-language textbook can also be downloaded from this site.

[Download the first half of textbook]

[Download audio files]

[Download the 1990/1991 Russian-language textbook]

Chapter Audio Morphology
Preface - -
Introduction [LINK] -
I. Икымше тема: Палыме лийына - -
1. Икымше урок: Кӧ тиде? [LINK] [LINK]
2. Кокымшо урок: Елу ден Серге [LINK] [LINK]
3. Кумшо урок: Эчан ден кочаже [LINK] [LINK]
4. Нылымше урок: Сапаевмыт дек уна–влак толыт [LINK] [LINK]
5. Ушештарымаш [LINK] [LINK]
II. Кокымшо тема: Паша да каныме кече - -
6. Кудымшо урок: Эрдене [LINK] [LINK]
7. Шымше урок: Рушарня [LINK] [LINK]
8. Кандашымше урок: Ануш черле [LINK] [LINK]
9. Индешымше урок: Идалык жап [LINK] [LINK]
10. Ушештарымаш [LINK] [LINK]
III. Кумшо тема: Кочкыш - -
11. Латикымше урок: Эчан кевытыш кая [LINK] [LINK]
12. Латкокымшо урок: Шочмо кече [LINK] [LINK]
13. Латкумшо урок: Команмелна [LINK] [LINK]
14. Латнылымше урок: Марий-влак мом кочкыт? [LINK] [LINK]
15. Ушештарымаш [LINK] [LINK]
IV. Нылымше тема: Ялыште - -
16. Латкудымшо урок: Сай увер [LINK] [LINK]
17. Латшымше урок: Ялысе суртышто [LINK] [LINK]
18. Латкандашымше урок: Паша тургым [LINK] [LINK]
19. Латиндешымше урок: Озанлык вуйлатышым мо тургыжландара? [LINK] [LINK]
20. Ушештарымаш [LINK] [LINK]
Exercise Key - -
Glossary - -

Last update: 18 October 2016