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толаша•ш (-ем)
{verb II}
1.     to try, to attempt, to endeavor (A.E.), to endeavour (B.E.)
ия•ш толаше•м     {sentence}     I am trying to swim
икта•ж-мом ышта•ш толаша•ш (-ем)     {verb II}     to try to do something
куандара•ш толаша•ш (-ем)     {verb II}     to attempt to lift people's spirits
лӱдыкта•ш толаша•ш (-ем)     {verb II}     to try to scare
онча•ш толаша•ш (-ем)     {verb II}     to try to examine
2.     to strive for, to be drawn to something
у модышла•н толаша•ш (-ем)     {verb II}     to be drawn to a new toy
3.     to concern oneself with, to engage in
уто• паша• де•не толаша•ш (-ем)     {verb II}     to concern oneself with unnecessary matters
4.     to take pains, to busy oneself with, to bother with
икта•ж-кӧн верч толаша•ш (-ем)     {verb II}     to work in somebody's interest
икта•ж-мо де•не толаша•ш (-ем)     {verb II}     to busy oneself with something
пакча• де•не толаша•ш (-ем)     {verb II}     to busy oneself in the garden
5.     to look after, to show concern, to worry about
во•льык де•не толаша•ш (-ем)     {verb II}     to look after cattle
6.     to behave, to act
о•пкынла толаша•ш (-ем)     {verb II}     to behave greedily, to be greedy
о•рышо гай толаша•ш (-ем)     {verb II}     to behave as if one was mad
7.     to suffer
йол ко•ржмо де•не толаша•ш (-ем)     {verb II}     to suffer from aching feet
8.     to rage, to behave in an unruly manner, to make a row
йӱ•шӧ еҥ толаша•     {sentence}     the drunken man is making a row
9.     to get up to mischief, to amuse oneself, to be naughty
изи• йоча• толаша•     {sentence}     the little child is being naughty
толаша•ш йӧра•тыше йоча•     {noun}     mischievous child
10.     to wallow, to roll around, to crawl about, to flounder
лу•мышто толаша•ш (-ем)     {verb II}     to roll around in snow
11.     to be furious, to be restless, to be irritated
чоне•м толаша•     {sentence}     my heart is restless
12.     to fuss, to bustle, to bustle about, to potter about
ту•до эре• ала•-мом толаша•     {sentence}     (s)he is always bustling about doing something
13.     to flutter, to swarm, to fly about
мӱкш толаша•     {sentence}     bees are fluttering about
14.     to make do with, to manage with
ну•но изи• пашада•р де•не ила•ш толаша•т     {sentence}     they're making do with a little salary
15.     to quarrel, to squabble, to bicker
ака•к-шӱжара•к-влак толаша•т     {sentence}     the sisters are squabbling
16.     {in a converb construction} (used to belittle action, denote an insufficiency)
иле•н толаша•ш (-ем)     {verb II}     to drag out one's miserable existence
ӱде•н толаша•ш (-ем)     {verb II}     to sow haphazardly
// толаше•н кошта•ш (-ам)     {verb I}     {imperfective} (see above)
рве•зе эре• толаше•н коште•ш     {sentence}     the boy is always fighting

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