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The Mari Web Project is based at the Department of Finno-Ugric Studies at the University of Vienna. The Mari-English Dictionary is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF): P22786-G20.

Morphological Analyzer (currently Mari-Russian only)

This application was created for usage with the Mari-English dictionary, which is currently being written. For the time-being, a version using a Russian lexical base has been published:

  • Иванов И.Г. et al. 2011: Марий орфографий мутер, МарНИИЯЛИ, Yoshkar-Ola.
  • Luutonen J. et al. 2007: Electronic Word Lists: Mari, Mordvin, Udmurt, Suomalais-ugrilainen seura, Helsinki.

The current release is to be understood as work in progress. Should you experience problems when using it, please contact us.

This application was realized in cooperation with Andrey Chemyshev and Mikhail Pirogov of Mari El Radio, as well as Erik Yuzykayn of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Mari El. More information on this cooperation can be found here.

The morphological analyzer will do the opposite of what the Morphological Generator does. Users enter words as they are found in texts. The application determines the lexical form, shows its dictionary entry, and states what suffixes have been attached to it.

Morphological Analyzer

Users can click on individual suffixes on the list presented here. They will be redirected to an in-depth description of the suffix in question and will be told where in the Textbook the suffix was covered.

It must be noted that the morphological analyzer offers all interpretations possible, not only the correct one. Without access to context, the application cannot determine which variant is the correct one when ambiguity occurs.


Users must determine which interpretation makes the most sense in the given context.