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music & art


ligand with photoswitch engineered close to receptor saving mice from ALS with Cu2+
febrile seizures in rat pups improves memory
heavy workout for rats
the itch of inequality
traces of forgotten L1
FOXP2 and language learning
sex-specific peptide in tooth enamel
homo floresiensis at least 60.000 y old

what the lame and the deaf dream of
I tell you what you see
imaging of religious belief
musical styles defined by statistics on melodies
musicality in newborns



early obesity with dire aftermath
sea lions with epilepsy
laughter & crying: the lesser known motor nuclei
experimental evolution of conventions
dogs keeping still in the scanner
statistics on 4% of all books
mice with human FOXP2

humans  in Beringia 30.000 y ago
mtDNA of homo heidelbergensis

meditation & brain volume
saison of birth and personality
men & women: different views?
Chinese rats listening to Mozart


gut microbiota & mental disease
sleep rinses the brain
slenderness by feces transplantation
fathers care like mothers do
arousal from hibernation via peripheral NRs

oxytocin & fidelity of males

reaction to language in newborns

tractography & lateralization

watching agriculture entering Europe
a Chinese gene
history of bananas
40.000 y old new hominin
reward from praying
when grief feels good

somatotopic mouth region & musical discrimination

BOLD during singing




 AD, Alzheimer Disease; A, amyloid -peptide; BOLD, blood oxygenation level dependent effect; BP, before present; fMRI, functional magnetic resonance imaging; FOXP2, Forkhead-Box P2 transcription factor; L1, first language; mtDNA, mitochondrial DNA; NR, NMDA receptor; PET, positron emission tomography; y, years