Molecular Drug targets
Molecular Drug Targets

Molecular Drug targets
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The graduate training program (Initiativkolleg, IK) "Molecular Drug Targets" is part of the Graduate School Initiative at the University of Vienna to promote structured doctoral programs. The program is arranged by ten research groups from seven departments at the Faculty of Life Sciences and the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Vienna and the Max F. Perutz Laboratories. The program, thus, integrates the broad expertise of scientists from major life science disciplines. Ten scientists will combine their research and teaching facilities to provide 3 years of intense training for in total 10 graduate students.

Starting in autumn 2007, the graduate program "Molecular Drug Targets" will be a unique opportunity for students to view central questions of drug research from a multitude of complementary perspectives. The close integration of various aspects of pharmaceutical research in one graduate program will allow considerable methodological synergies. In addition, a set of arrangements will provide an excellent and innovative research and education environment for participating graduate students.

The objectives are to train a group of male/female researchers in basic and advanced techniques that are used in the drug discovery and development process, and to provide interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research training. The education and training activities will be accomplished through four main activities: training through laboratory research (including lab rotation), lectures, seminars and workshops.

Molecular Drug targets
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