Molecular Drug targets
Molecular Drug Targets

Molecular Drug targets
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Lectures and Seminars WS 2008/09

Mittwoch, 28.Jänner 2009

Prof. M. Recanatini
Dipartimento di Szience Farmaceutiche
University of Bologna
"Computational studies on hERG"

Dienstag, 20.Jänner 2009

Prof. Mubagwa
KU Leuven

"Regulation of cation channels in cardiac and smooth muscle cells by intracellular magnesium"

Dienstag, 15.Jänner 2009

Prof. Bert de Groot
Computational biomolecular dynamics group
Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemestry
"Permeation mechanisms across membrane channels"

Mittwoch, 14.Jänner 2009
15.00 Uhr
SE 2D358
Prof. Th. Langer
Prestwick Chemical Corp.
"Pharmacophore-based Activity Profiling: An Efficient Tool In Hit Evaluation And Lead Structure Potimization"

Mittwoch, 10.Dezember 2008
15.00 Uhr
SE 2D358
Prof. P. Dietl
Institute of General Physiology
University of Ulm
"Evidence for a role of TRP channels in post-fusion regulation of surfactant exocytosis"

Donnerstag, 27.November 2008
17.00 Uhr
c.t. HS 5
Prof. M. Hamburger
Universität Basel

"Natural Product Lead Discovery at the HPLC scale"

Mittwoch, 19.November 2008
17.15 Uhr
SE 2D358
Univ.Prof. R.Konrat

Department für Biomolekulare Strukturchemie
"The Meta-Structure Concept inChemical Biology"

Molecular Drug targets
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